Lodz is not obvious city

This place is unexplored, with many faces. Some will see in Lodz unique Art Nouveau buildings and urban layout of the nineteenth century, others will marvel at the cinematic history of this city and they will stroll on trails which Polanski or Kieslowski used to walk. Here the Flamingo Hostel Lodz, one of the Flamingo Hostel Group Network, is located. It is an eclectic place where you can stand face to face with secession as well as the twenty-first century comfort.

The first self-service hostel

Flamingo Hostel is the first fully automated hostel in Łódź, established in 2009, located in the very center of Łódź. We are located 100 steps from the bustling street. Piotrkowska and 200 steps from the center of Off Piotrkowska.

Comfortable rooms

We have very comfortable private rooms of a higher standard, equipped with smart TV with access to the NETFLIX platform and free Wi-Fi, as well as multi-person rooms for groups of friends, families or organized trips. Each bed in such a room has a curtain next to the bed, as well as lighting and a socket.
Our bathrooms are located in the corridors, but there is one for only two rooms.

Fully equipped kitchen

In our kitchen you will not only prepare a meal, but also drink great coffee from the local coffee roastery „Instytut Coffee”. You can pay for your coffee by card or by phone.